Assistant Coach Ryan Reese

Current Team

Coach Reese grew up playing football, basketball and baseball in central Nebraska, participating in all three for Grand Island Senior High.  He began coaching at a young age for youth teams in his hometown, and continued to play competitively at different levels while at Middlebury College in Vermont.  He coached the 2006 Vergennes girls soccer team to a state title in 2006 while student teaching before moving to Washington, D.C.  There, while working at The Field School, he coached soccer, basketball and baseball at the varsity level, winning a combined five PVAC championships and coaching three PVAC Players of the Year.  He currently is an assistant coach for the boys soccer team here at Watkinson and previously served as the head coach for our boys varsity basketball squad.  Watkinson’s Head of the Upper School, Coach Reese plays in adult soccer and basketball leagues, is an avid runner and triathlete and is always down for some competition.